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Celebrating Success in the New Zealand – China Business Relationship

Since 2004 the NZCTA China Business Awards have served as an outstanding platform for acknowledging and celebrating the flourishing business relationship between New Zealand and China. Here are some benefits of entering the upcoming 2024 China Business Awards :

1.      Credibility: Winning or being a finalist in these awards elevates the credibility of your company within both the New Zealand and Chinese business communities. It signifies your leadership and success in fostering strong business ties between the two nations.

2.      Insights: The application process prompts participants to reflect on their strategies and business objectives concerning China. This introspection often leads to valuable insights and a fresh perspective on how to further enhance your operations and goals in the Chinese market.

3.      Benchmarking: Comparing your business against other finalists and winners offers a benchmark for performance and operations. It provides tangible examples and incentives for improvement, helping you refine your strategies and stay competitive in the market.

4.      Celebration: Participating in these awards allows you to showcase your organization's achievements and recognize the dedication and hard work of your team members and leaders. It's an opportunity to celebrate your successes and milestones in the New Zealand-China business landscape.

5.      Networking: The Gala Awards evening provides a prime networking opportunity, connecting you with other like-minded business individuals who have successfully navigated the New Zealand-China trading relationship. Building these connections can lead to new partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.

6.      Profile: The awards generate significant media exposure, offering a platform to showcase your organization's achievements and success stories. This exposure can enhance your brand visibility and reputation, both locally and internationally, potentially attracting new business prospects and investors.

Who should consider entering? The NZCTA China Business Awards are open to businesses and organizations of all sizes and sectors that have demonstrated success in their ventures between New Zealand and China. Whether you're a startup, a small or medium-sized enterprise, or a large industry player, these Awards provide a level playing field for showcasing your achievements and contributions to the New Zealand-China business relationship.